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The cost of treatment depends on the complexity of the case but ranges from £400 for a removable brace, up to £3,000 for extensive treatment with upper and lower fixed braces. A fixed brace on one set of teeth will cost between £1,200 and £1,500.

Before treatment starts you will be given a written quotation together with a written diagnosis and treatment plan. The quoted cost covers the complete treatment and extra charges will only be made in the case of lost appliances.

Payment can be made by standing order to spread the cost across the entire treatment period. A discount may be available where the quoted cost is more than £1,000 to patients who pay the whole sum in advance.

The Orthodontic Practice accepts cheque, cash, credit and debit cards as methods of payment.

Private Treatment Price List
-5% Discount
Consultation Charge (Non-Refundable) £100  
Invisalign Full £3700 £3515
Fixed Brace Both Arches - Ceramic Upper £3700 £3515
Invisalign Lite £3200 £3040
Invisalign Teen £3200 £3040
Fixed Brace Both Arches - Under 18 £3200 £3040
Fixed Metal Brace Both Arches £3500 £3325
Fixed Metal Brace One Arch £2500 £2375
Fixed Bonded Rets £150  
Fixed Bonded Repair £50  
Essix Retainers (Each) £100  
Teeth Whitening and Trays £300  
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