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Informative, helpful advice

What To Expect

  First Visit

On your first visit the orthodontist examines your teeth to make a provisional diagnosis as to whether or not you will need a brace.

Models of your teeth and X-rays may be taken.

Following examination the orthodontist will decide one of the following:

  • You are ready for treatment
  • No treatment is necessary
  • You are not quite ready for treatment

If treatment is needed the orthodontist will discuss your options and give you information to take away.

NO treatment will be carried out on your first visit.

  Not ready for treatment

If you are not ready for treatment you will be given a card and asked to contact us in six, nine or twelve months time.

  Ready for treatment

An appointment will be made for you to return to have your brace fitted.

If you need any teeth out as part of your treatment we will ask your dentist to do this one month before a brace is fitted.

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